Alex Mads

Hey there!

I am Alex Mads and welcome to Bropolar.

I’m a complex guy in my late twenties and currently living with Bipolar Disorder. While juggling academia as a “late in life” student, taking on the world, and navigating through relationships, I bring a humorous touch to my daily “hello’s” and “good bye’s”. This is a blog where I mix my mental chaos and my love for anthropology and the world around me into a fun read. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about two years ago and it has been an interesting short/long couple of years learning about myself, bipolar disorder, and my bipolar self.

I am currently in Chicago and I am a Fashion Marketing Student. Drum roll: I am gay. For fun (depending on meds and mood) I can be found taking nightly walks on warm summer nights, building my mobile office in a Starbucks, looking like a crazy person at a book store, being loud and obnoxious at Sunday Fun-Day in Boystown, and of course the moments of bliss when I get to snuggle with my dog, Daphne. I hate calling my self an intellectual but I love poetry, music, and art. As an openly gay guy, living with mental illness, I do not tolerate bullying or the intent to hurt anyone in my life. I LOVE animals and I am always looking to make new friends, both furry and human. I am currently single AF due to being super busy, super bipolar, and socially awkward. If you happen to see me around then say, “Hey”. I don’t bite but Daphne does.



Trigger Warning- This blog is intended to be funny, however, the main purpose of my writing is to give comfort to those who have mental illness and to bring awareness to mental illness. To do this, there may be times where the blog gets a little dark or scary.